Building a winning brand from the ground up
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Building a winning brand from the ground up

Everybody loves a winner. People almost automatically admire everything that comes with being a successful brand: monetary splendor, grand vision and ambitions, cutting-edge market performance and status. However, almost nobody knows how hard it was for that brand to get where it is – to build its reputation, reach its customers and deliver its promised premium value in a manner that continuously keeps people coming back for more. We believe Fullo’s greatest value as any company’s partner lies in our willingness to go the extra mile and help a business grow early on, when such support directly influences a brand’s “make or break” outcome. We also believe that talking about how someone became a top performer enables others to become inspired and learn more about how to design their own paths to success.

It is for this exact reason that we want to talk about one of our clients and their journey to becoming one of the most recognizable brands in their niche.

So, who’s our pick of the day? If you’ve ever searched online for a place to get original and interesting gifts for the people you care about, chances are you’ve come across Ekspedicija.

Ekspedicija is the leading gift shop brand in Serbia, whose initial physical presence was limited to 2 very small, unobtrusive stands in 2 shopping malls in Belgrade. As the demand for Ekspedicija’s colorful and unorthodox product portfolio grew, the company realized that they would benefit from going digital in order to open a more scalable sales channel (with drastically lower costs compared to the typical “brick and mortar” space). However, Ekspedicija also knew that the traditional approach by cookie cutter marketing agencies simply wasn’t going to cut it. They knew this because they had tried it before. This is why they chose to put their trust in Fullo and learn from a different playbook on how to use the power of digital marketing to drive online sales and revenue.

We worked diligently with Ekspedicija’s team to redesign and rebuild their web shop and create a multi-stream digital marketing strategy to boost their online performance. We leveraged the most effective social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram in this case) and focused on running precisely timed campaigns around key dates and periods (hard-hitting dates like Valentine’s Day and Christmas season, but also seasonally relevant gifts like Halloween) while continuously refining our targeting based on Ekspedicija’s ideal customer persona. The key in this process is the carefully monitored A/B testing which we’ve conducted based on each specific product, its perceived ideal audience and Ekspedicija’s overall brand identity. Google performance marketing played another vital part of this equation, where we focused on searching the sweet spot keywords in terms of cost-relevance-reach ratio. This combined approach proved to yield the best results in the shortest possible time frame, creating a virtuous circle which enabled us to effectively remarket to a positively responding and growing customer base.
Another key differentiator in Ekspedicija’s performance was the complete optimization of their website’s user experience for mobile devices. We insisted on making the site fully mobile-friendly as consumer trends have been shifting towards mobile platforms for quite some time. This action was done based on monitoring user activity and their interaction with the website, and resulted in producing a superior and seamless browsing and purchasing user experience.

Having perfect synchronization of the company’s stock in terms of accurate information regarding product availability across different stores also played a big part. This information symmetry ensured that Ekspedicija didn’t miss on sales due to insufficient stock. We’ve seen time and again how quickly a customer’s trust in a brand can fade if a customer sees something advertised to them that they actually can’t buy, and we took the necessary step to tackle this.
Moreover, we had to make sure that every campaign for diverse products in Ekspedicija’s portfolio had a catchy description and communicated its values in a fun, original and engaging way. Due to Ekspedicija’s general brand perception as a playful shop with direct messaging, we went the extra mile to make these taglines and slogans as memorable as possible.

Finally, a human touch was used to quickly and effectively answer all queries from interested parties and potential clients on every platform, bringing the last-mile sales effort to a splendid outcome.

The end result – a whopping 2000% increase in monthly online sales revenue in just over a year.

Sounds impossible, right? With the right mindset and a clear roadmap, not only is it possible, but it’s likely to become real much faster than you think.

Here are some key takeaways you can use to help your brand get the best possible results in its online sales:
  • Spend time to precisely define and then continuously refine your ideal customer persona
  • Optimize your web shop for mobile devices from the get-go
  • Be mindful of timings and critical events which impact your business and organize your campaigns accordingly
  • A good user experience facilitates your sales, but a great user experience drives them on its own
  • Informational completeness translates into happy customers
  • Remarketing is a tremendously cost-effective technique if you use it right
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is any online brand’s best friend
If you’re facing the same issues as Ekspedicija did in its early days of building their web shop, we’ll be thrilled to help you not just overcome them, but to rapidly build a brand whose reputation becomes the envy of many.Reach out and let us know all about your ambitions and we’ll let you know just how quickly we can make your growth plans come to life.

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