Fashion for the ages

An emerging premium brand of dashing handbags combining the finest hand craftsmanship and top quality Italian leather, Baragoni appeals to women looking for that special, bold fashion piece with timeless character reminiscent of the Eternal City.

Witness style and buy it online

For Baragoni, we’ve developed a slick, elegant and chic e-commerce WordPress custom theme to showcase the full beauty of Baragoni’s amazing handbags. Every handbag has a story of its own, and we wanted to show their potential in different scenarios and styles. The website was designed to be powered by seamless visual storytelling.

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Our craftsmanship efforts

Developing the story of Baragoni required us to employ our business development skills and research a broad palette of competing styles to create the perfect mix of class, grandeur and gracefulness. Special emphasis is put on social media promotional campaigns as one of the strongest early drivers for building brand recognition and interest.

A most unique brand

The fashion industry is hugely motivated by design, but it is simultaneously a very fickle and temperamental beast where fads quickly come and go. This is why we took inspiration from standards of beauty which have stood the test of time throughout millennia – Rome and its glory. The style of the website is envisaged to complement the design of the handbags, creating a seamless experience for buyers.

Early traction through attraction

Immediately upon its launch, Baragoni was recognized in the market as an emerging contender which offers amazing quality and fresh design in a highly competitive market. Our social media efforts managed to generate interest and yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback early on, giving Baragoni a level of credibility typically associated with much more experienced brands.

In the decades to come…

The Baragoni brand has only just begun its journey towards massive success, but it’s already managed to establish a luxury brand perception in the eyes of its clients. The amount of care and attention to detail which goes into the lead generation and sales process is a direct result of Fullo’s guidance and dedication.