A bold expedition

Powered by their bold new slogan “Fearless gifts”, Ekspedicija sells original, innovative and stylish gifts for a multitude of special occasions. The company has established stores in every major shopping mall in Serbia, and their next strategic focus is to rapidly expand their presence into the e-commerce sector.

Effective e-commerce

Ekspedicija’s new WordPress custom e-commerce theme was built from scratch to reflect the company’s new brand image and market approach. The online shop boasts over 2000 articles (and growing) and offers a premium user experience centered around showcasing the visual potency of every single gift.

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Full service spectrum

The Fullo team worked extensively with Ekspedicija to map the competitor landscape, create the perfect client persona and develop the website for maximum sales conversion. With continuous marketing services such as Google ads and social media campaigns, Fullo provides a complete service spectrum to support and boost Ekspedicija’s performance.

A brand new look

Our design team reimagined the entire visual identity of the website and breathed a slick, modern freshness into the company’s online presence. The look was built around Ekspedicija’s newly forged philosophy of daring, dazzling and memorable gifts which instantly captivate.


Success metrics

After just one year, we managed to transform Ekspedicija’s online performance from a shy loner to one of the most popular kids on the block. The company’s online revenue skyrocketed by X% year-on-year, and their social media presence expanded by a factor of Z during the same period. With a multiplier effect of Y% on each dollar spent on marketing, the Fullo way brings clear business results.

Going forward

Ekspedicija’s current success is just the beginning – Fullo’s approach of proactively perfecting each website we build means we already have a host of new tricks up our sleeve which will help Ekspedicija grow even further. As the company’s product porftolio continues to grow, so does our commitment.