Mapping the space around us

Geodigit brings together exceptional expertise in management of geoinformation, combining geodesy, GIS technology and spatial data processing to create accurate maps of the world that surrounds us. The company offers a host of top quality services for all your geo-needs.

All the information in one place

For Geodigit, we built a clean, polished and highly intuitive corporate website which provides the company’s clients with all the necessary information about its core services and value proposition. We focused on producing an environment which instantly and clearly outlines the scope, quality and promptness of Geodigit’s service portfolio and its impact.

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Drawing the right (website) map

Assembling a slick corporate website is something that’s not too hard to do, but making the information on that website momentarily accessible and having the UX effortlessly guide the visitors towards their desired destination is a whole different taks. We used intuitive roadmapping to make any visitor’s stay as pleasant as possible from both the functional and visual perspective.

Clean and lean

In some cases, less is indeed more. In the case of Geodigit, the goal was to bring together a high degree of class and professionalism while maintaining the inviting and welcoming nature of a super-efficient service business. The website’s design reflects the digital nature of the company and their effort to build value in this domain.

Higher user satisfaction

The company’s primary goal for producing a new website was to have its potential customers find all the necessary information on a modern-looking yet very functional website, and use it as a communication platform where they can easily inquire about Geodigit’s services and expertise. The final result is higher user satisfaction and a much better overall UX.

Going forward

Fullo’s lasting commitment is to make its clients’ websites constantly fresh and up to date. By monitoring website interactions and user behavior, we’re able to get almost real-time data telling us how to further develop the website and grow its reach through technical excellence and state-of-the-art solutions coupled with digital marketing.