Creating work across the globe

Jupiter bridges the physical distance between employers and workers, allowing for better workforce mobility and more value to be created while improving the worldwide wellbeing of companies and workers alike.

Corporate and soulful

Jupiter’s website has the goal of demonstrating how quickly and effectively Jupiter secures the services of qualified workforce for various industries and trades – from construction staff and electricians to sewing and agricultural workers. Our approach was to combine professionalism and expediency with a human touch while telling this story.

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Linking Jupiter’s tales

The services we provided to Jupiter were centered around direct storytelling and focused on getting a singular message across through intersecting multiple angles – workers from across the world are willing to come and contribute to value creation in Serbia. The key was in understanding Jupiter’s persona, from which we built the website’s structure.

Professional and uncomplicated

The branding approach we opted for was based on clarity, conciseness and visible benefits for Jupiter’s previously established client persona. The classical corporate style was refreshed using a calm, pleasant color palette to convey the delicate approach Jupiter takes with its clients.

Storytelling and visitor satisfaction

Jupiter’s primary request was to create a website with an elegant and straightforward user experience that will provide comfort on both ends – for companies looking for workforce, and workers seeking employment opportunities. The website also serves as a contact point for any queries.

Moving forward

As Jupiter expands its scope of activities and starts introducing new matchmaking opportunities in various industries, Fullo stands ready to support it in all things relevant for long-term business success: digital marketing, branding and content production.