The water of life

La Fantana is one of the leading Serbian service companies which deals in distribution of water through water cooler machines, as well as sales of top quality Italian coffee beans. The company’s water supplies come from one of the most beautiful and pristine springs in Serbia, located between the famous mountaints of Kopaonik, Goč and Željin.

Health and vitality at your doorstep

La Fantana’s e-shop has two distinct segments: one serving hundreds of businesses across Serbia and the other looking to serve an ever-increasing number of households which desire fresh, healthy water. Their e-commerce platform brandishes a unique promise: bringing the water directly to your doorstep. It is our mission to make this promise stand out and reach La Fantana’s key audience.

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B2C is the new place to be

Having previously mastered the B2B model, La Fantana expressed the ambition to expand its scope of operations and penetrate the consumer market. The redesigned e-shop was envisioned with the goal of bringing across the message of fresh water at one’s doorstep to the masses, while giving them a seamless shopping experience directly on the website – even including subscription options.

As fresh and fluid as springwater

The visual style of the website is dressed in colours representing life and water – different shades of blue and pure white, with soft lines and wavy elements which evoke the eternal flow. One of the most demanding tasks was to make sure the products can stand out and be clearly visible without “popping out” too harshly in constrast to the background.

A welcome guest in every home

The brand’s next phase of growth is predicated on achieving the goal of reaching a wider market of consumers who cherish the comfort of ordering online and having amazingly tasting water and excellent coffee delivered to their homes. To clearly signal this, we worked intensively on understanding the company’s persona and began our storytelling from there.

Neverending flow

La Fantana’s innovative business model will continue to evolve as the company discovers new ways to bring the fundamental precondition for all life into our homes while providing superior services in the process and following the inevitable digitalization trends.