Diamonds are forever

A multigenerational family business whose name is synonymous with quality, luxury and lasting value, the jewelry powerhouse “Andrejević” was one of the first businesses in its branche to fully understand the importance of taking a traditional business online.

Style and elegance in e-commerce

Selling items as luxurious as diamonds and gold jewelry has always been something that people prefer doing face to face – an intimate and delicate act. However, even this is being changed by technological trends. Creating an e-commerce solution which can mimic the premium experience and customer journey of holding a piece of valuable jewelry is a task which required a most delicate approach.

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Soft touch, unyielding support

Transposing a decades’ old business into the modern digital environment of today required us to carefully examine the competition and understand how to make the key sales drivers shine as bright through a digital display as they do in a jewelry store. From a custom WordPress e-commerce shop design and intense development to meticulously organized promotional campaigns, Fullo ensures that “Andrejević” leads the industry with ease.

Everlasting style

When it comes to premium quality and cutting edge luxury businesses, investing in exceptional and breathtaking design is a move which is bound to pay dividends for years to come. Fullo reinvented the company’s brand design and imbued it with a note of timeless class which sets it apart from the competition. We created a complete visual standards book which puts maximum emphasis on the value and beauty of “Andrejević” products.

The numbers behind the glimmer

Fullo’s relentless campaigns through Google and social media channels helped propel “Andrejević” to the forefront of the race. From a virtually non-existent online sales performance to setting new revenue records every quarter, the business results speak for themselves. Factoring in the purchasing drivers in this industry and its nature, we’re extremely proud to have achieved X% annual growth.

The road ahead

With new products and collections constantly coming in, “Andrejević” is poised to continue its online growth and carry the trendsetter torch in the industry. Fullo’s mission is to evolve with its clients and help them achieve their strategies with clearly measurable results.