Business development

As your organization grows and evolves, we stand ready to help you steer it in the right direction. Having a lasting vision ensures you won’t stray an inch from your path of success.

Identifying your value proposition

The key to creating enduring success comes from being able to offer superior and unquestionable value. We distill your core strengths into clear benefits for your clients.

Scale up with style

Growing with a clear sense of direction allows you to plan your future steps and make the right calls. FullO helps you see the road ahead.

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Business model optimization

A well-tailored business model maximizes your revenue. If you’re struggling to find the perfect way to monetize your value, we’ll figure it out with you.

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Setting up your success metrics

Measuring success is the only way to know you’re doing things right. Once we define your key peformance indicators, you’ll always know where to focus your efforts.

Business development stages:


Understanding the problem

To be truly successful, businesses need to develop products or services which solve important pain points in the market. The first step is to determine the nature and extent of these pain points and verify the business opportunity behind them.


Validating the solution

Once we’ve understood what the market wants, we’ll need to confirm that our proposed solution would indeed be welcomed by our future customers. Talking with the right people and having a sufficiently big and relevant test audience is key.


Articulating the value proposition

Based on your ambition, we distill your core values into clear messages and sum them up in one crucial statement – what your customers get for the money the pay. Your value proposition is all about emphasizing their benefits.


Competitive advantage

There’s a reason why comparing yourself to the right competitors works – it gives you space to learn, adapt and grow. We support you in discovering your position of strength: the “secret sauce” which will help you differentiate and beat the competition.


Market segmentation

Markets have different sub-segments and various factors that drive people’s purchasing habits, so it’s imperative to dig deep and explore them thoroughly. The more you know about the way your customers behave, the better you can satisfy them.


Market sizing

Selling a product is awesome, but how do you scale to really make an impact? You have to know the size of your market – investigate how many of your ideal buyers are out there. Together, we’ll build the perfect persona and quantify your potential.


Customer acquisition process

Getting people to buy your product comes only after they’ve actually learned about it. Reaching relevant potential clients through the right channels is paramount for achieving conversion to sales and securing revenue to keep your business going.


Business model design

If your product fits the identified market gap and you’ve started generating sales, but your revenue isn’t what you thought it’d be and you’re having trouble scaling up, you might be using the wrong business model. We’ll help you turn this around in no-time.

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